Whelp. . . I get what I deserve. . .

Hello, everyone!

This week has really been a wonderous week, full of oddities and miracles galore! To begin the story of my week, WE ARE ALWAYS BUSY. I love it. We literally never have Down time. It is wonderful. Jeps, tak. But the week of teaching and Blessing lives and saving souls came to a hault one Saturday morning… when Soccer was cancelled and no one told us.

Smiling Sister Missionaries
So Sister H and I went to soccer and a Young woman and her stepdad was there. We decided that before we took the Young woman on splits, we would play some two on two. Well, as we searched for a ball, I began to trash talk, like I do. I get way pumped and then we try to fake it til we make it making us sound awesome and great… and then we got DESTROYED. The loss was HUGE! It was so bad that me and my companion died laughing on the feild. We blame the Wind.

But then we went service knocking, and I realized that maybe on a rainy grey morning in March is not the best time to offer my gardening services. That was a hard lesson learned. But offering Cards for an Easter concert that I will be singing in is indeed in style! Very crafty. I enjoyed that Little bit of the day.

At the Danish Pacifier TreeAt the Danish Pacifier Tree – Google it. It’s awesome!

Sister H and I realized that we both come from Odense! And that we are 10th cousins, not from our Danish ancestors, but still, we are cousins! No Wonder we are so awesome! Haha anywho, it is going really well here, and the Work really is going forward. We are seeing the area begin to light up! What a great spirit.

Anywho, it has been a pretty sweet week. I am really happy. Sister H and I are just destroying and we are covering Roskilde in a soft blanket of warmth and happiness and the love of Jesus.

Have a happy, happy week! I love you all!

Sister Williams

Sister Missionary Facials

P. S. We did face masks. We had a ton of fun. That smoothie is mango Papaya pineapple with spinach and oats in it. SUPER YUMMY.