What A Week!

Hejsa everyone!

So, I thought I would send a general email. Not much going on here that is different from my daily saving the world. Just part of the job! But here are some pictures from this week.
Missionaries on Bike
This is a path that we bike on every day. Isn’t it just lovely? Let’s all take a moment to bask in the beauty of Danmark! (*Note the binkie tree)

Playground at the fjord in Roskilde
Us playing by the fjord. 🙂

Playing by the fjord in Roskilde
Ja, I know, we are awesome. Just be jealous.

Jamen, We are having it good, som you can see, and we just are killing it out here in Denmark.

Challenge for this week: Keep a miracle journal for a week! It is now spring time so there is many things to be thankful for!

Thanks to those who have responded to my challenges! I really appreciate reading your emails. It helps a ton and also builds my own testimony!

Have a great week!
Sister Williams