Week 2, and what a week it’s been!

Well, lovelies! It’s been another week in the sister missionary life!

MTC Week Two | Letters From My Mission | www.lettersfrommymission.comThe sisters I room with and the sisters in my zone have adopted me as their mother, because I polish their shoes, fix their hair up, get stains out of their clothes, and mend and hem their poor blouses and skirts. It is quite the exciting time!

MTC Week Two | Letters From My Mission | www.lettersfrommymission.comThank you all for all the support, I am loving the mission and praying for all of you as I go throughout my day. I miss you all and I just wish I could hug you! So if you ever feel a wave of love rush over you, that’s from me.

MTC Week Two | Letters From My Mission | www.lettersfrommymission.com

Danish is coming along quite nicely! I am loving learning the language, and it is so fun to just get things as they come. The gift of tongues is always a huge surprise to me. I have begun teaching 3 investigators almost every day, talk about stressful! I have gotten discouraged a few times, wondering if I can actually learn this language and share the gospel and touch people’s hearts, and sometimes I wonder if, with my limits, I can ever accomplish this. BUT! I am not doing this after the manner of men. I am doing this in the manner of the Lord. I am on His errand, and I should be only limiting myself by HIS limitations.

With Heavenly Father on our side, we can accomplish anything and everything.

We had an amazing devotional last night by Elder Russel M Nelson. I got to sing in the choir, and I will tell you, the veil was so very thin as we sang a rendition of Joseph Smith’s First Prayer. It was remarkable. One of the things I loved most about the devotional was when Sister Nelson said that the key to a happy life is desperation. We should always be desperate to follow Christ. When we are desperate, pride becomes humility, distractions and excuses fall away and THAT becomes our focus and our main desire. When we are desperate, we do anything and everything to get what we need.

The Lord can and will bless us as we live righteously and are desperate for Him. As we focus and make it our main goal to return to Him, we will be blessed and happier that we could ever imagine.

MTC Week Two | Letters From My Mission | www.lettersfrommymission.comThank you all for your emails and letters, you all mean so much to me. Your spirits alone mean the world to me.

Salig dag, alt er vel.
Sister Williams

*Original paintings by Søster Williams at the MTC
First painting- “Painted with Brightly Beams our Father’s Mercy stuck in my head.”