We are Back in Business!

Hello, all! This is gonna be a shorter one, but it is mainly because we are helping out with transfers and have things to do, but here we go!

We got to go to the temple this week, which was so great. We got to be with all of the leaving senior missionaries. It was such a blessing. We also had minimissionaries, and they LOVED it. I had a wonderful companion who is basically a missionary. I felt like I was teaching with a sister training leader. She is a babe. I love her!

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We also taught a lot of lessons and I really felt like a missionary. After being inside due to injury and illness, working for a whole week straight until you come home completely exhausted is the best thing in the whole world. I loved it.

I am staying in Copenhagen, as well! I am super happy about that. It really is gonna be such a great transfer. I love you all and I hope you have a great week!


Søster Williams