Use Your Talents

Hejsa, everyone!

So this week we have been focusing a lot on using our talents to bring others to Christ. So I thought I would share that. Keep your minds open, because I am going to challenge you all in the end! So I might be giving you all ideas. 🙂

Roskilde Domkirke

So this week, I started teaching voice lessons to a member in the ward! She loves the ward choir and she knows that this is a way she can help others come to choir and inspire them. So I have begun weekly lessons as service to her and anyone else who is willing. All they have to do is have a green song book and sing in the choir!

Along with music, there is a musical Easter fireside this Sunday in Copenhagen that I will be singing in! 2 whole songs and I am in the choir! Crazy beans! But we have started to hand out fliers to our neighbors and they are all super excited about it! They are going to try to come and see me, and they will also be listening to a wonderful Easter message about Christ.

Two sister missionaries in Roskilde

This was meant to be a service, but the appointment fell through. But it still counts! So the elders called the other night asking if I could make an oreo cream pie for their investigator’s birthday party. As I searched my books for a pie recipe, I found a cheese cake recipe instead. Soon, this cake was done. We brought it to district meeting the next day, and the elders told us that the party would be the next week, so we decided to eat it as a district. It was pretty tasty and the elders are VERY excited for their appointment next week, where they will be able to have another one of these cakes.

SØSTER H IS A SWEETHEART and baked cookies for the entire block to introduce herself to our neighbors. We have realized that our neighbors don’t have the best idea of missionaries, and so she thought that this might be the best way to get into their hearts. Well, it worked! All of our neighbors who got cookies LOVE the missionaries now and will wave and say hi to us now.

Sister Missionary with her bike

The point of this is that people are much more open to hear about the gospel, we have found, as we show that we are people, and we have feelings, and that we just want to make others happy. Though out this week, We have seen the blessings of reaching out and serving others in simple ways that just make other people’s day. They feel that love that Christ has for them, and they just want to feel it even more.

This week, I challenge you all to use one of your talents to bring someone closer to Christ, whether it be through music, cooking, internet posting, sharing a smile, use it to help other people around you feel God in their lives. I know that as we all do this, and as we all act and develop those gifts that God has blessed us with, we will see it bless our own lives. You will see yourself become a happier, more giving person, and I know that those feelings really do open the windows of heaven when it comes to blessings.

Have a great and inspired week!

Søster Williams
P.S. Blonde Moment of the Week: In America it was daylight savings yesterday. Well, our whole district changed our clocks and lost an our of sleep, just to find ourselves in the church an hour early and that daylight savings isn’t until the 27th.

– The Domkirke in Roskilde (us as well)
– How we turn on/off the lights so that neither of us has to leave bed before completely necessary. 🙂

Turning off the lights

Have it good!