Well, hi howdy hey, y’all!

It is going so good here in Copenhagen! The weather is cloudy with sometimes blue skies, and I love it! It really is the best place ever. I love Frederiksberg! I will be staying for another 5 weeks, with Søster Blaire Elizabeth Floyd! She is so happy and cute and just so wonderful. I love her to pieces. She is also an amazing missionary. We hadn’t even gotten her luggage to the house and she contacted a woman and taught a lesson and got us her phone number and address! She is so willing and hard working and she is just a super great companion. We are gonna change the world! Starting at Copenhagen! 🙂 She also served in Aalborg, so we really have a lot to talk about.

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I am doing a lot better with my health. I am a much happier and hardworking sister. I am laughing way more now! It is so great. I love working here and I love my mission. I have had a lot of great experiences that have helped me, and one is my study of charity. One insight that I gained in my studies of charity this week is that as we show Christlike love to those around us, we shouldn’t get exhausted. Christ like love and charity are inexhaustible. We as humans run off of sleep, food, and water, which are, but the love of Christ is not. As we work more to do this work, we should find it easier to do our missionary work, because it becomes a desire, instead of a duty. As we exercise charity, we find ourselves to be more happy and understanding, and we also find strength in losing ourselves in this wonderful and marvelous work. It is such a blessing. But also, we shouldn’t get discouraged if sometimes we do get tired. This is an attribute of Christ, the only perfect person to ever come to earth. We are trying to be like Him, to be perfect, and us naturally being imperfect makes it a little exhausting sometimes. But the Lord WILL strengthen us. I know it to be true. If we turn to Him in our times of need, we will be blessed.

I hope y’all have a great week! Have it good!

–Søster Amelia Williams