The Results Are In!!!

Hi Howdy Hey!

The results of transfers are in and I am staying in Roskilde!!! This Means that I am gonna be here a LONG time. But that is great, because I love it here! Roskilde is basically the best place to be, at least in my opinion.:)

But I think that I will just update you on this week. How about that? I think that would be a good thing.

We started this wonderful week off with splits. I got to go on splits with my bestie, Søster Morgan Soelberg! Woo hoo! We basically had a blast teachin’ and preachin’ to all of Roskilde, and we decided to end the day by ice skating, cuz that’s just how we roll.


These are our cool faces. You know that you all are intimidated.


Sister missionaries aren’t all serious. We are also weird. But that is okay. That’s why people like us…. I think…


Either way, I think you all get the idea now that we had a lot of fun ice skating on our Little lake/large pond.


We then spent the day in København, because Sister Reed is dying in 6 weeks, so she was in her trunkie meeting, while me, Søster Floyd, and Søster Mann traveled around the city, having a blast, and getting horribly lost trying to find a business that doesn’t exist. It was a lovely thing.


After this, I took less pictures, because I got sick. But all is well. Illness is a part of life, and without it, I wouldn’t appreciate healthy moments as much. I just sound like a smoker right now, so that is also why I don’t have a recording for you all. Because my voice sounds dead. Nobody wants to hear that.

But anywho! I hope you all are happy as clams, cuz I sure am! It is a wonderful day to be alive! Enjoy yourselves, all.

Med kærlig hilsen,
Søster Williams