The Importance of General Conference

Sister Missionaries at Copenhagen Temple

From the recording made by Søster H and Søster Williams:

Approach General Conference with a question, and you will find answers!

  1. How can I be a better companion? HUMILITY! (answer from Steven E. Snow) Humility can strengthen relationships and mend broken bonds, while pride destroys relationships.  Humility is not a lack of self confidence!
  2. Mortal hands can build masterpieces of bricks and stone, and of course our Heavenly Father can build masterpieces of us! (from Dieter F. Uchtdorf)
  3. Family Councils are an answer to building a safe haven from the world in our homes (from M. Russell Ballard). Family council is where we listen to each other. It brings families closer together and helps us avoid and deal with crisis more easily. Never retire without holding hands and praying together!

How to stay focused in General Conference:

  • Coloring pages from the Friend on! This is a fun, uplifting way to keep your focus, and it was a big hit for members, investigators and missionaries! It helped and it’s not just for little kids, and it makes Conference really fun.
  • Take notes (the packets help with that too)!