Exciting Week!

Sister Missionaries in Denmark

Hello, friends! I hope y'all have had a great week! WE have definitely had an interseting one. First, I said goodbye to my sweet Sister H! She has left the nest and is safe and happy over in Slagelse. We miss her a lot though! Our last car ride with the Elders. I then got my dear … [Read more...]


Letters From My Mission | Roskilde | www.lettersfrommymission.com

Once upon a time, Sister Williams went to Zone Training one beautiful Friday morning, and found out some wonderful news about transfers! As was said, I found out about transfers! Søster Floyd and I have closed Copenhagen as a sister missionary area, and I have moved to Roskilde to be with … [Read more...]


Well, hi howdy hey, y'all! It is going so good here in Copenhagen! The weather is cloudy with sometimes blue skies, and I love it! It really is the best place ever. I love Frederiksberg! I will be staying for another 5 weeks, with Søster Blaire Elizabeth Floyd! She is so happy and cute and just … [Read more...]