Happy February!

Hi Everyone! So, I made a recording this week, but I thought I would also send a miracle story or two from this week along with it. :) Okay, first Things first, have any of you thought how awesome fog is? Like, you are literally touching clouds. That is AWESOME. We started the week off with … [Read more...]


Hejsa, everyone! So, I am just gonna give you a run Down of what happened this week and all the fun we had. First Things first, I am still going strong on my New Years Resolution, the one of writing Down the Little miracles especially. I thought that I would share some of that with you. Little … [Read more...]

New Years and Stuff

It has been an awesome week! There was a baptism this week in our Ward and our friend C bore her testimony like a boss. It was just really great. :) We are just rocking here in Roskilde and I just love it here. The Pictures are from the two celebrations of this week, we celebrated Sister … [Read more...]

Christmas Week!

Hi howdy hey, y'all! :) Søster Williams sent a recording this week, and then sent along several photos. We are sharing a few here on the blog. As a family we want to send a special "tak" to the families who hosted our daughter over the Christmas holidays. They shared their homes, families, and … [Read more...]

Christmas in Denmark

Letters From My Mission |Christmas | www.lettersfrommymission.com

So this week I am going to make up for my lame past few weeks. :) I am going to tell you about Christmas here in Denmark! Beginning den 1 December, the decorations are up and lit. the gågade is covered in lights and pine and the Christmas market is up and all hyggeligt. Although the air is filled … [Read more...]