We Are Witnesses That Bear His Name

MTC Week 5 | Letters From My Mission | www.lettersfrommymission.com

So this week has been CRAZY. Crazy and hectic, so thanks to everyone who has emailed me or written me or sent me anything, cuz you all rock. So this week I got my new companion. I love her. She is so cute. Her name is Sister Landvatter, and if you all want to love her I would totally support that … [Read more...]

A Day in the Life – MTC Week 3

Letters From My Mission | MTC Week 3 | www.lettersfrommymission.com

Photo by a book nerd - Williams Shakespaere?  Close enough! So, here is a day in the life of this Danish missionary at the MTC! 6 AM: Arise and get ready! 7 AM: Study at the classroom with everyone! (Always a party) 8 AM: FOOD! I love breakfast. 8:30- 9:20: Gym! I do an awesome workout made … [Read more...]

Week 2, and what a week it’s been!

MTC Week Two | Letters From My Mission | www.lettersfrommymission.com

Well, lovelies! It's been another week in the sister missionary life! The sisters I room with and the sisters in my zone have adopted me as their mother, because I polish their shoes, fix their hair up, get stains out of their clothes, and mend and hem their poor blouses and skirts. It is quite … [Read more...]