Burn Your Ships

Letters From My Mission | Søster Floyd & Søster Williams | www.lettersfrommymission.com

Dear everyone, Last week was AWESOME. Let me tell you why. So It began with apartment checks, and I love apartment checks now. I used to dread them until we redid our apartment, tore out the carpet, and rearranged the rooms. Now our apartment is a really great place, it is just SUPER happy. And … [Read more...]

Crazy Week!

Letters From My Mission | Williams & Floyd | www.lettersfrommymission.com

This week was insane. Me and my wonderful new companion have found 3 new investigators, which is just amazing for this time of year. Everyone is on holiday, so they either are just visiting or the Danes we DO work with have all gone away for about 2 months. It is a really fun time, because there are … [Read more...]


Well, hi howdy hey, y'all! It is going so good here in Copenhagen! The weather is cloudy with sometimes blue skies, and I love it! It really is the best place ever. I love Frederiksberg! I will be staying for another 5 weeks, with Søster Blaire Elizabeth Floyd! She is so happy and cute and just … [Read more...]

Hello, All!

Hi howdy hey, So, this week, I will talk a little bit about something that makes me SUPER happy. That is, chicken and waffels. So what you do is you take a giant fried chicked breast, put it on a nice hot waffel, and cover it in butter and syrup and honey. We ate this for Søster Sørensen's … [Read more...]