Once upon a time,
Sister Williams went to Zone Training one beautiful Friday morning, and found out some wonderful news about transfers!

Letters From My Mission | Roskilde |
As was said, I found out about transfers! Søster Floyd and I have closed Copenhagen as a sister missionary area, and I have moved to Roskilde to be with Søster Mølholt! It is wonderful here in this beautiful land. I love it. So many hills and a beautiful fjord, and the town has SO much history. Mom, you are gonna LOVE this place.

But back to closing the area. We found out on Friday that all should be packed up and moved out by Monday morning at 7 am. I didn’t sleep much these past few days, but you know what? The Lord really does qualify His servants! Søster Floyd is a cleaning machine, and I was finished packing pretty quickly. Also, our sister training leaders came and helped clean our bathroom and the elders came over and got all the supplies and threw a lot of stuff out for us. It was truly a miracle and I really saw the Lord in these people. I was stressing out pretty bad, and it all just fell into place so nicely that we were perfectly done on Monday morning, down to the windows and floors washed and cobwebs cleaned. It was so good I think even Grandma Darla would be proud. 🙂 I love being a part of a mission where the culture is so strong, and that we all love and take care of each other. That is something I think is just perfect. I saw us all really come together and all those who helped really helped me come closer to Christ is this really stressful time.

Letters From My Mission | Roskilde | www.lettersfrommymission.comSaying goodbye to dear friends – Familien T, our good friend S, and the unforgettable C!

I love Roskilde! I haven’t seen too much, but I just thought I would say it again. It is smaller, and not too busy. The viking culture is REAL here and I absolutely adore it. Also, my adorable companion is just the sweetest. She is so loving and happy and She really is such a light. You know that she really does have such a strong love for the people here. I adore her!

I hope you all have an awesome week! I love you all so much!

God bless!

Søster Williams

Letters From My Mission | Roskilde | www.lettersfrommymission.comAnd a fond farewell to beautiful Copenhagen!