What A Wonderful Week!

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Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Firstly, I apologize for the bad English. I am on a computer that doesn't recognize English Words or grammar. So this will be fun! Sunrise in Aaborg This week was definitely special. We got to see General Conference!!! WOOT!!! What a special opportunity to hear and … [Read more...]

Vikings and Scriptures

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So last week I had the wonderful opportunity to go visit Lindholm Høje. This is also known as the viking graves. It was an amazing trip. They're out of this world. So, the graves that are oval or round are honorable women, and then the men have either a triangle or a ship shape. They used to not do … [Read more...]

We’re on FIRE!

Letters From My Mission | Aalborg

I mean this in every way. We are on FIRE here in Aalborg! We had 2 investigators in church!!! Miracles!!! We are also almost LEGENDS. We have bankede på almost all of Grønlandstorv in a 24 hour time span and we are finishing it this week. ​We also caught on literal fire. That's what happens … [Read more...]

What a Wonderful Life!

Hello everyone! Life in Denmark is just dandy and wonderful and oh so wet and snowy/rainy. I love this place so much, but I could really do without the killer hills in my area, but the good thing is it's always fun going downhill! A field near Aalborg, view from my window, and a Danish … [Read more...]

A few words from Denmark

Søster Williams was only able to write us a quick note home this week, but we know she's arrived safely and that her first city is Aalborg, Denmark.  We're looking forward to hearing more next week!   Wow time has flown by! I am so blessed to be in Denmark with a wonderful companion. … [Read more...]

We Are Witnesses That Bear His Name

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So this week has been CRAZY. Crazy and hectic, so thanks to everyone who has emailed me or written me or sent me anything, cuz you all rock. So this week I got my new companion. I love her. She is so cute. Her name is Sister Landvatter, and if you all want to love her I would totally support that … [Read more...]