Life in the Big City

Letters From My Mission | Babe the Guitar - Playing Safe |

Hello, all! I hope all is well, and that you are all happy! Sorry about the short email last week, but let me fill you in on some things. Life is SO great here in Copenhagen. There are so many people here and biking is pretty crazy. It is way fun though, and I love it a lot. The people here are … [Read more...]

Seize the Day

Letters From My Mission | Viking Ponies |

Hello, all! So, this week has been pretty rough! I have been sick recently, so I am just working on tackling that, but no worries! I am feeling a little better! So, I just want to share my testimony today. I never thought I would get to this point in my life, where I could love so many … [Read more...]

A Week In The Life

Letters From My Mission | Entering Aalborg |

We had quite a week, this week! We did a lot of service and I got a little sick, but we are back and rolling. I love it here in Aalborg! So I have been asked to talk about the little things that have been happening in my life, so I thought I would send a bit about my average day! We wake up at … [Read more...]

Fest i Aalborg

Letters From My Mission | Farup Sommerland |

Hi all! So this week has been a fun one. We witnessed a lot of stupidity, called CARNIVAL! So many people in costumes and confusion. We observed from our window in the morning and also in the evening hours. Definitely thankful we could go out of the city to do some service. The music was so loud … [Read more...]

Fields of Gold

Letters From My Mission | The Yellow Fields of Denmark |

This past week has been an adventure. We went out to see the golden fields here in Denmark and to go frolicking. It was such a blast. I also went and took my sprog exam in Copenhagen. That was really wonderful. All has been great! We have been doing lots of service lately with the whole spring … [Read more...]


Letters From My Mission | Søsters - Bad to the Bone |

Hello, all! So, I didn't want to tell this story last week, because I didn't have pictures, but hey, I was in Skagen! Some of you have watches with this magestical name on it, but this place is the BEST. It is as far north as you can get in Denmark, and it is actually where 2 seas meet. It is … [Read more...]

Well, det skete.

Letters From My Mission | Sister Missionaries in Aalborg Denmark |

Hello, all! This week was super exciting! But we will talk about a few things. First, we had splits! Woot! Seriously, that was super exciting. We had a whole bunch of miracles happen and I learned a lot about contacting. I love bank på. It is my absolute favorite, but street contacting, not … [Read more...]