Learning Experiences

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Hi Howdy Hey! I hope all is well with you all! This week has been CRAZY! I have learned so much this week. I have learned how to enjoy a playground properly, that patience is a virtue, that sometimes you just gotta listen to people and hear them out, and that I am happy here in Roskilde! I love … [Read more...]

Solen er så rød, mor. . .

Letters From My Mission | Roskilde | www.lettersfrommymission.com

I'm not posting Søster Williams' letter this week, but I am sharing this beautiful song that she sent, and a few photos. She loves Roskilde, and especially loves her companion Søster M, who is, as she describes her, a ray of sunshine and happiness. Listen to the Danish lullabye that Søster … [Read more...]


Letters From My Mission | Roskilde | www.lettersfrommymission.com

Once upon a time, Sister Williams went to Zone Training one beautiful Friday morning, and found out some wonderful news about transfers! As was said, I found out about transfers! Søster Floyd and I have closed Copenhagen as a sister missionary area, and I have moved to Roskilde to be with … [Read more...]

This Week

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Hi howdy hey, y'all! So this week was a blast! I am low on time, but I will just tell y'all about our new friend! She is probably the best person ever. I love this girl. She is so sweet and she is so happy and you just feel Christ's love for her so strongly when you're with her. She really is the … [Read more...]

Hi Howdy Hey!

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Hey y'all, Sorry about last week, my email was being funny. Not a lot happened this past week, we were inside for a lot of the time, darn cold and flu season. My immune system held it's ground, but my poor comp wasn't so lucky. I installed a shower curtain though, for one of our friends! … [Read more...]