Mama Williams and Baby H

Hello everyone!

This week has been pretty fantastic. We started off on a sad note though, saying goodbye to Sister R and all… She was such a great comp and I am really going to miss her. She was superb! Good luck out there!
Missionaries in Roskilde, Denmark Copenhagen Mission

After saying farewell to this wonderful girl, I spent P-day in beautiful Copenhagen! Woohoo! The family got back together, and we went on a bunch of adventures! Basically, I had the best P-day EVER with some pretty awesome missionaries. These people just make me really happy.

Missionaries in Denmark Copenhagen Mission
And then, I became a trainer to the best trainee known to man. Sister H is the bomb. She is super hard working, happy, and focused and I just love her energy. She is the best to work with and I am so grateful to have her. She really makes missionary work fun and we are already having the time of our lives.

In the poetic words of Sister H, “We are gonna lift it up like the city of Enoch!” You heard it here first, folks, we are going to make Roskilde the best area ever. We are so pumped!

Now for a general update:
Spring is upon us here in Roskilde. The birds are back, and so is the sun! Everything is blossoming and green and it is just really happy. It still gets cold, but that is just Denmark. I love it. 🙂

Sister Missionaries in Denmark

Beautiful story from the week:
Once upon a time Søster H and Søster Williams went to go find a forest to pray in.They mosied on over into a temporarily abandoned sheep field to go into a small polka-dot of a forest. Søster Williams thought to get comfy on a plush looking log, and as it happily cracked, Søster H came to help in the luxurious log’s destruction. Of course, due to the ruckus caused by our log crushing, people came outside, so we couldn’t really pray.
Søster H treed by ferocious puppies
We decided the only logical thing to do was to climb a tree and take a photo shoot.

Søster Williams treed by ferocious puppies

All of a sudden, as Søster Williams was trapped in the tree, a pack of wild yorkies came upon us. Without any chance of escape, Søster Williams bravely plopped out of the tree with the grace of an awkward elephant.

The ferocious puppies

The sound was alarming to the wild yorkies, so they began their attack of ferocious yipping. Luckily, they lost their interest shortly after, so we could pray and dedicate our area. It was a glorious evening never to be forgotten. The End.

Have a great week, everyone!

Søster Williams