Love One Another (Week 2)

Hej, everyone!!!

Last week I mentioned that I took on the 14 day Love One Another challenge found on Well, 14 days has passed by, and I would like to share my feelings on the past 2 weeks.

First: We can help others feel God’s love.
Think of those around you. They are all beloved children of God. He loves them, just like He loves you. He wants them to be happy. We can help them be happy and feel the love that God has for them, whether it be through a smile or just listening to someone, they can feel that love and feel not so alone.

Second: Loving others is simple.
A lot of us make life too complicated, and therefore we make love overcomplicated. It becomes a big, extravagant thing that in all reality, just looks exhausting from an outsider’s perspective. What I learned from this challenge is that by just forgiving someone, saying thank you, or just speaking kindly is showing someone you love them. It comes down to just showing someone you care. We all can do that.

Third: Hope, Patience, and Love really do build off of each other.
If you love someone, you show them patience in all things, because you assume they meant well, or you want to hear them out. You don’t jump to conclusions, you don’t have to worry about misunderstandings, because there is love, and love always prevails. Of course, those things do happen, but because of the patience that we can receive from love, that is what helps us have an eternal perspective on what really matters. Love also brings hope. I know that I have hope for the future, and that is because I know that my Heavenly Father and Savior love me. Not only them, but those around me, my friends and my family love and support me and that gives me hope. I know that all will be okay. Always.

Fourth: Love inspires good.
Love helps us want to reach out and serve others. It helps us turn outwards and find strength through service. It makes us aware of others needs and helps us ACT on what we see. There is always something more we can do.

Thank you for all of your support! I hope y’all have an awesome week!


Vi ses!
Søster Williams