Happy February!

Hi Everyone!
So, I made a recording this week, but I thought I would also send a miracle story or two from this week along with it. 🙂
Okay, first Things first, have any of you thought how awesome fog is? Like, you are literally touching clouds. That is AWESOME. We started the week off with some fog and I just felt so awesome to be walking in the clouds.
Another one, we are going to be doing a lot of presentations, and we also have a lot of other stuff to do. It should have been a super stressful week, but God really has just made it all Work. I was really happy about it, but also confused. How were we getting so much done, still planning all of these Things, with almost no stress at all? I was then focusing on our prayer as we were leaving the door one day, and it hit me. I began ending my prayers with “Thy will be done.” As we have been focusing on the Lord’s will, doing all that He needs us to do, we have been blessed with the ability to do all that He needs done, and feel Peace in the rest. I am so grateful for that in my life. As we promise the Lord that we will focus on Him, and His will, He blesses us. I know that to be true.
Have a wonderful week, everyone! 🙂
Søster Williams