Splits in Slagelse

Missionaries on a Danish beach

Hi, everyone! Happy Easter! It is still Easter here in Denmark, so I can still say that! I don't have a ton of time today, but I am going to still say hi and that I am alive! This week has been a really great week full of tons of adventures, I went to Slagelse for splits, and then I went to … [Read more...]

Thoughts at Easter

Sister Missionaries in Roskilde

Hi Everyone! This week has really been such a blast. It has been full of a lot of adventures, like teaching, knocking, contacting, cleaning, singing, all in all, just a pretty fabulous week. But I really wanted to share a little thought that I had had this week with you all. I was studying … [Read more...]

Use Your Talents

Two sister missionaries in Roskilde

Hejsa, everyone! So this week we have been focusing a lot on using our talents to bring others to Christ. So I thought I would share that. Keep your minds open, because I am going to challenge you all in the end! So I might be giving you all ideas. :) MUSIC So this week, I started … [Read more...]

Love One Another (Week 1)

Hejsa! So, this week a lot of great stuff happened. The one thing I definitely should mention is that I got way into challenges that will help me become a better person. One is called the Love One Another challenge. It is so awesome and it has helped me apply patience and sincerity a lot more in … [Read more...]

Happy February!

Hi Everyone! So, I made a recording this week, but I thought I would also send a miracle story or two from this week along with it. :) Okay, first Things first, have any of you thought how awesome fog is? Like, you are literally touching clouds. That is AWESOME. We started the week off with … [Read more...]