Burn Your Ships

Dear everyone,
Last week was AWESOME.
Let me tell you why.

So It began with apartment checks, and I love apartment checks now. I used to dread them until we redid our apartment, tore out the carpet, and rearranged the rooms. Now our apartment is a really great place, it is just SUPER happy. And they loved it too! So that was nice.

Also, we have had the PERFECT weather this past week. Little bit of rain, not too hot, just really nice. I love it.

We then went to a baptism, where my companion and I did a musical number! This little boy is the best and we love being with their family, so it was just a super great experience all around. He is just so happy and wonderful. It was a happy day.

Letters From My Mission | Søster Floyd & Søster Williams | www.lettersfrommymission.com

We then had our Zone Training! We also did a musical number there! We talked about inspired questions and how to better ask them. We also talked about being more submissive and charitable, and how submissive isn’t just minding, it is obeying because we love God and want to follow Him. I really learned a lot, but I am planning on expanding a bit more on that next week, because we are having Mission Conference on Wednesday and I am hoping that we get a little more on that!

We then had a party getting Søster Floyd’s bike fixed, and we had dinner with Søster Sørensen and Søster Ferguson! We were oh so very happy to see them and to chill with our old companions. It was a blast, and it was great to see them doing so well.

We then met with our favorite person ever! She lives out in the boonies and has the best relationship with Heavenly Father that I have ever seen. She is amazing. We then went to an eating appointment with some people in the ward, who are just awesome. They lived in Logan for a while and totally know Bruce Crane from Logan High! It was crazy. So many Logan connections in my ward right now. It is really great.

“Hey, what happened next, Sister Williams? What happened after that?” Well, friends, I will tell you. I went to Aalborg! For a baptism! What is UP? It was probably one of the happiest moments of my life. It really was so great to see so many old friends from my last area and to see someone I have grown to really admire and love go into the waters of baptism. It was so worth the 10 hours on a train!

And then to top off the week with just a little more awesome, I got to speak in church yesterday. On bridling our passions so we can be filled with love. Yup. It was a blast. I took it another direction to be more on missionary work, and how we can “bridle our passions” by giving them to God, passions being little things that take our focus away from Him. Not necessarily bad things, but things that take us a little farther from Him, so that when we give those to Him, we can be filled with love for others that brings us closer to Him.

*In a recording sent to her mother, Søster Williams explained her reference to burning ships.  When the Vikings went out to conquer and win another land, they would burn their ships when they reached the shore.  This meant that they were either going to conquer, or they were going to die, but they were never going back to where they were before.  When we make changes in our lives it’s so easy to fall back into old habits and resort to our comfortable places.  As she learns and makes changes to be better she wants to burn her ships and move forward without thought of retreat.

It was a super great week, full of miracles and just happy happy things. I hope y’all have a great week!

Sending so much love,

Søster Williams