Hejsa, everyone! So, I am just gonna give you a run Down of what happened this week and all the fun we had. First Things first, I am still going strong on my New Years Resolution, the one of writing Down the Little miracles especially. I thought that I would share some of that with you. Little … [Read more...]

The Results Are In!!!

Hi Howdy Hey! The results of transfers are in and I am staying in Roskilde!!! This Means that I am gonna be here a LONG time. But that is great, because I love it here! Roskilde is basically the best place to be, at least in my opinion.:) But I think that I will just update you on this week. … [Read more...]

New Years and Stuff

It has been an awesome week! There was a baptism this week in our Ward and our friend C bore her testimony like a boss. It was just really great. :) We are just rocking here in Roskilde and I just love it here. The Pictures are from the two celebrations of this week, we celebrated Sister … [Read more...]

Christmas Week!

Hi howdy hey, y'all! :) Søster Williams sent a recording this week, and then sent along several photos. We are sharing a few here on the blog. As a family we want to send a special "tak" to the families who hosted our daughter over the Christmas holidays. They shared their homes, families, and … [Read more...]

Christmas in Denmark

Letters From My Mission |Christmas | www.lettersfrommymission.com

So this week I am going to make up for my lame past few weeks. :) I am going to tell you about Christmas here in Denmark! Beginning den 1 December, the decorations are up and lit. the gågade is covered in lights and pine and the Christmas market is up and all hyggeligt. Although the air is filled … [Read more...]

Adventures in a Churchyard

Letters From My Mission | The Middle of Nowhere | www.lettersfrommymission.com

Søster M and I got abandoned in a Little town in the middle of nowhere, so to pass the time before the next bus came (because we were in the middle of NO WHERE, there were NO people), we went to the town's church. We thought we could go inside or look at the graveyard and such, and turns out both of … [Read more...]

Birthday Week

Letters From My Mission | Snow! | www.lettersfrommymission.com

Søster Williams sent a recording again this week, so instead of transcribing, here are some delightful photos of the week. This was Søster Williams' birthday week. At the Viking Museum One time when she was a little girl she woke up to snow on her birthday. She was thrilled. She truly felt like it … [Read more...]

16th of November

Letters From My Mission | Roskilde | www.lettersfrommymission.com

Hi y'all! I hope all is going well! I don't have too much to say, but it is going good! Roskilde is beautiful and exciting and I just love it here. We have a lot of people to stop by. I cleaned the Area Book out and found TONS of people that we could go visit. So, we are gonna do that sometime … [Read more...]