A Day in the Life – MTC Week 3

Letters From My Mission | Book Nerd Photos | MTC Week 3 | www.lettersfrommymission.comPhoto by a book nerd – Williams Shakespaere?  Close enough!

So, here is a day in the life of this Danish missionary at the MTC!

6 AM: Arise and get ready!
7 AM: Study at the classroom with everyone! (Always a party)
8 AM: FOOD! I love breakfast.
8:30- 9:20: Gym! I do an awesome workout made by the incredible Shelley Dawson and jog a couple laps or play volleyball. This is the time where I wind down.
9:50-Forever: Personal study time and preparation for our investigators
12:50: FOOD! I love lunch.
1:30-Forever: Class where we speak no English. I love class and I love learning Danish. It’s awesome when you push yourself and you learn and grow so much more from it.
5:45: FOOD! I love dinner.
6:30- 9:25: More learning of Danish and the Gospel!
9:30- HJEM!

So last night we had an AMAZING devotional from M. Russell Ballard. Such a blessing. I will share some of my thoughts.

So he talked about the great apostasy for a bit and it was actually super amazing. The dark ages were so dark because the Light of the world was gone, but as there is opposition in all things, there must be dark before the dawn. I am so grateful that the great apostasy happened, because now I am desperate for the truth and light of this gospel and we can now share that with EVERYONE.

One thing he said that I want to challenge you all to do is if you’re having a bad day, write a note to Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail. Your problems won’t seem so hard and you will find how grateful you are to those who suffered so much for us to have the gospel. It is such a blessing that we have this church. THIS GOSPEL IS SO TRUE!!! I can’t even explain to you all how much I love this gospel.

I love you all. Thank you for all your support.

Salig day, alt er vel.
Sister Williams