Week 50. Wait. What?

Hi howdy hey, y’all!

Where has this year gone?? I swear it was just summer time here in Denmark, and now it is Christmas in 2 weeks…. WHAT? Time flies when your having fun and working hard, I guess.

We have been having such a good time here in Roskilde, and we are getting ready to go out and carol contact and sing on the gågades and just have a blast. My guitar is gonna be well used by Christmas. 🙂 I love the Christmas season. It is wonderful.

They just let out a new video for Christmas, and I love it a lot. I wanted to share it with you all. 🙂 just go to christmas.mormon.org and check it out.

Thank you for your emails, sorry this one is a Little short, it is gonna be a busy day today! Love you all!

Søster Williams

Pic: This is Søster M. We had a nice pday together last week. I love her.

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