Week 4!… Wait… What?

Well, ladies and gentlemen! The time has come! I get my travel plans this week! On Friday! YAY!!!!! So much happy in my soul!
For all of your information, I am still in Utah. I am at the Provo MTC. And this place is so wonderful. I love the Spirit here, it’s impossibly strong.

LettersFromMyMission-MTC-Week4All the sisters in my zone! Vi er smukke søstre!
Life here at the MTC is pretty awesome. I love class and the language. It is so challenging and fun, and I can already understand so much. The social life here is pretty cool. We take four square and volleyball VERY seriously, more like serious fun. It is such a joy to have no real worries of disappointing a team and it’s an awesome workout.
I would like to leave you all with two scriptures, which are both linked in my scriptures.
Alma 36:22 – The love I have for my Father in Heaven. My soul does long to be there! It’s so wonderful we have a beautiful plan where we can return to him.
Also, ALL of Alma 36 is AMAZING. I love it.
2 Nephi 1:15 – The love my Savior and Father has for me! I love these two scriptures and it makes me feel so much comfort to read the love our Father in Heaven has for us.
You are all amazing and I appreciate all you do for me!
Salig dag, alt er vel!
Søster Williams