Exciting Week!

Sister Missionaries in Denmark

Hello, friends! I hope y'all have had a great week! WE have definitely had an interseting one. First, I said goodbye to my sweet Sister H! She has left the nest and is safe and happy over in Slagelse. We miss her a lot though! Our last car ride with the Elders. I then got my dear … [Read more...]

Hello Again!

Missionaries eating bagels in Denmark

Hejsa, everyone! This week has been a wonderful week here in Roskilde. Spring has come in full force. Last week we had snow, this week it has been a balmy 18 degrees celsius without a cloud in the sky. It has just been delightful! The Danes have all come out of hibernation and Denmark is alive … [Read more...]


Sister Missionaries in Denmark

Hello everyone! I don't have much time this week, but here is the picture from this week! It is going SUPER great. We are just loving the work here. :) Spring is upon us! This is from when we went on splits. I also just took one picture this week... cuz... I am really lame. Forgive the … [Read more...]

Jamen. . . Dags


Hi Everyone! So, this week has been a total blast. We have some great pics, but I thought that along with those I could share something that I really loved from my studies this week. As well as a new thing, because I know that I am awful at writing. I apologize for that. So. NEW THING! One … [Read more...]

What A Week!

Missionaries on Bike

Hejsa everyone! So, I thought I would send a general email. Not much going on here that is different from my daily saving the world. Just part of the job! But here are some pictures from this week. This is a path that we bike on every day. Isn't it just lovely? Let's all take a moment to bask … [Read more...]